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標題: [新聞] No more Rick Osterloh... no more Moto? [打印本頁]

作者: KL8KL8    時間: 2016-3-19 01:24 AM     標題: No more Rick Osterloh... no more Moto?

Still happy with my Moto X PE + Moto 360...
Maybe time to pick up the "last" Moto phone out there (Moto G Turbo?) for memory...

"This is more than an executive shuffle. Lenovo’s mobile business will be reorganized and split between two business groups.
The PC Group will be “realigned” as the PC & Smart Device Business Group, that will handle “PCs, detatchables, tablets, phablets, gaming and smart home products across Windows, Chrome and Android based products.”....
...Meanwhile, the Mobile Business Group will be co-presided by Xudong Chen and Aymar de Lencquesaing, who will report to group CEO Yuanqing Yang. Chen will handle the China mobile operations, while de Lencquesaing will be in charge with international markets." ... iness-group-680843/ ... torola/#more-183709

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作者: KL8KL8    時間: 2016-3-21 11:04 PM

Ironic timing... got updated to Marshmellow on my Moto G (2nd Gen) one day after my post.
Time to say goodbye

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