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標題: Nokia XL 用家發表意見  
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註冊 2010-11-23
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Nokia XL 用家發表意見

歡迎各 Nokia XL 用家發表意見

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Nokia XL 詳細介紹

2014-2-24 07:11 PM#1
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UID 376339
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註冊 2011-5-21
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1st got to say Nokia finally have Android and is the latest 4.4 KitKat too. ( sound  good so far)
then looking down the spec. "1GHz 雙核 Krait 處理器"  it seems this will be a 入門板, compare now these day smart phone. still can be OK , since this is their ever 1st "android"
now questions:-
768MB RAM ? enough? even for a  入門板? may be not
軟件下載中心         Windows Phone Marketplace、Nokia 軟件下載功能 ? does that mean will not support goggle play? like those 大陸山寨機?

the rest of the spec will be 見人見智 及因人而異( like the mon, camera etc) .

but one thing will be depends on the selling price when reach HK.
the design is cool, many colours and simple. ( i kind of like the design)

so still early to say will that be a big hit.

[ 本帖最後由 horny2012 於 2014-2-25 02:25 PM 編輯 ]
2014-2-25 02:20 PM#2
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註冊 2004-2-11
來自 沙田
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剛剛見百老x $1688, 不分期即減$600

[ 本帖最後由 sing1327 於 2014-9-7 10:38 PM 編輯 ]

2014-9-7 10:22 PM#3
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UID 394745
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註冊 2012-10-4
來自 7
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原帖由 sing1327 於 2014-9-7 10:22 PM 發表
剛剛見百老x $1688, 不分期即減$600
我會揀 X2 作為留念
因為係最後一部 andriod 機,比較有記念價值
2014-9-15 12:29 PM#4
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