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標題: Myself with phones and PhoneHK in the past 6 years.  
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註冊 2006-5-21
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Myself with phones and PhoneHK in the past 6 years.

Is time to say goodbye to the Moto board for 100 Wong here at Phone HK.

When I first joined this board in 2002....actually around Nov as well, I was using Moto T720.  Those were the days where color mon just became popular.

Almost 6 years passed and T720...a 4096 color phone without any cam....evolved into V9/Zn5/Q9h I'm using today.

When this place first started, I was invited by the board master to serve as the Board Admin, as I had been using lots of Moto phones back then already and was able to share some of my experience.

If I remember correctly, boardmates had a bit more self-discipline, and Board Admins seldom interfere.

I quited one time around 2005, as one board admin insulted my father, though the rest just sat around and watched and pretended nothing happened.  Indeed, my dad was in critical condition which I had almost no time to serve the board admin duties anymore.  Dad went to heaven soon after....

Recently I was very happy to see PhoneHK even went international with recognition from well known sites like GSM Arena ... sional-news-687.php

(Maybe that happened before, though my expertise is with Moto phones and I usually just stay within the Moto board nowadays)

Feel a bit bad as during all the years,I hadn't shared much first hand information, or how to upgrade the firmware.

A few times I was able to report when a phone was just released in HK, or some good deals on older models.

I was able to share how Moto was doing in some other retail markets that I went to.

Thanks to all of those here at PhoneHK, especially those who shared many many useful tips.  Indeed, I met some real good friends here.

I can live with those who hate Moto phones, as they explicitly declare their preferences, which should be respected.

So why am I leaving?  The link in my signature tells everything.

Guess some people really like to see me leaving this place...and they probably got their X'mas wish early.  You can dedcut all the points you want in my account, or even cancel it, for all I care now.

Last but not least, thanks to the Board Master to start this place to begin with.  I'm sure the Board Master, even thoguh I don't know him very well, wouldn't be such a coward by simply lock up the article without a reasonable explanation of the original question.

100 Wong
quite disappointed with how some board admins' "take it or leave it" attitude
2008-11-26 11:51 PM#1
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