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2009-3-7 08:02 PM
繁中 WM6.5 ZTIE1 / WM6.1 ZTIE1 / DXIA5 M2D Clean ROM (Updated 13/6)

免責聲明: 用者自負, Use it at your own risk!

DXIA5 - Please go to #3.


Version 1.0 (7/3/2009)
OEM Software 只剩: 相機, 名片讀取器, 資料管理員, Samsung 通訊錄, 通話記錄, Dailer (Disabled)
Added: Black Theme, NetCF3.5, FlashLite 3.1, PC Version 細明體

Registry clean up and tune up, Disabeld unsigned cab warning.


Version 1.01 (8/3/2009)
Fixed: BT File transfer.


Version 1.02 (10/3/2009)
Fixed: Theme Setting, Change Wallpaper Problem.
Modifed: Startup/Shutdown An.tion and all sound files are back (Still no shutter sound, startup/shutdown sound), Menu more finger friendly and better setting on fonts.

Remark: If you have problem with BT Handfree, please update the phone part to ZHIB1.


Version 2.0 (22/3/2009)
Fixed WM RTSP problem.
Relocated all modules.
Updated NetCF35
Font changed to 簡化版微軟正黑6.0
Added 繁中 M2D (Album, Audio Manger, Comm Manager, GoogleMaps, MP3 Trimmer, Task Manager, M2DC), Album, Audio Manager and MP3 Trimmer support landscape mode.

Remarks: 繁中 M2D files from suaaa, 簡化版微軟正黑6.0 from 小熊工作室, 感謝台灣同胞分享!


Version 2.01 (10/4/2009)
Fixed HTC TaskManager Icon not showing correctly problem.
Fixed "Sound" windows in "Setting" tab, now should showing correctly.
Fixed "Add City" windows in "Weather" Tab, now should not disappear on first startup.
Added Official YouTube software from Google.
Added TouchLaunch.

Fixed ZHIB1 reply SMS problem when a recipient display name have a "comma".
Updated .NetCF3.5, now support Traditional Chinese .Net software.


Version E1 (16/5/2009)
WM6.5 first release. Build 21231.
Fixed Video recording problem with M2D.


Version E2 (23/5/2009)
Upgraded WM6.5 to Build 21234.
Upgraded WM6.1 to Build 21127.

Fixed Engineering Mode.
Fixed Bluetooth Audio Routing.
Added Bluetooth Smart Pairing.
Added Audio Gain (Utilites)
Added SIP Change (Utilites)
Added Smart Lock (Settings -> System)
Added Microsoft MyPhone


Version E3 (31/5/2009)
Fixed SMS missing folders (Sent Items and Deleted Items)

WM6.5 upgraded to Build 21725.
Notes: SharePix work with this build.


Version F1 NEW! 13/6
Drivers upgraded to ZTIE1

WM6.5 Build 21234.
Rebuild using MS official resources from WM6.5 emulator.

Known Issue:
Finger Mouse

WM6.5 Build 21812.
Notes: SharePix work with this build.

Known Issue:
Finger Mouse

UC (User Customization)
Details please go to #442, please use some time to read it out before asking any question. ... ge%3D1&page=23#


WM6.5 21234 ZHIE1 PDA M2D UC ROM F1 NEW! 13/6 ... _WM6.5_21234_F1.rar

WM6.5 21234 ZHIE1 PDA Clean UC ROM F1 NEW! 13/6 ... _WM6.5_21234_F1.rar

WM6.5 21812 ZHIE1 PDA M2D UC ROM F1 NEW! 13/6 ... _WM6.5_21812_F1.rar

WM6.5 21812 ZHIE1 PDA Clean UC ROM F1 NEW! 13/6 ... _WM6.5_21812_F1.rar

WM6.1 21127 ZHIE1 PDA M2D UC ROM F1 NEW! 13/6 ... _WM6.1_21127_F1.rar

WM6.1 21127 ZHIE1 PDA Clean UC ROM F1 NEW! 13/6 ... _WM6.1_21127_F1.rar

ZHIB1 Phone

ZHIB2 Phone

ZHIE1 Phone NEW! 13/6

M2D Theme

Samsung Keypad (BPMF), Dailer, Taiwanese Settings NEW! 13/6
Notes: Taiwanese please install this cab after flashing the phone.

PortSplitter 1.3 for my WM6.5 ROM

Full OEM Package NEW! 13/6 (Updated Samsung Today and Windows Live.)

Notes: All others CABs have been removed, just want to keep it tiny, the above package included all OEM software, detials list please refer to #422, thanks! ... ge%3D1&page=23#


NetCF 3.5 package (For ROM Cooking only)

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